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Shenzhen Jiushide Investment Technology Co., Ltd.

As a Product Supply Chain Company,We are a comprehensive investment technology company that integrates commercial production and sales in Southern China. Our company was established in March 2014. The industries we are involved in include: new energy lithium batteries; Digital security protection, new energy, mechanical design equipment.

Why are our products very competitive?

  1. All products are purchased directly from the factory.
  2. Our products are selected after market research and comparison.
  3. Our team has a wealth of experience. Including product comparison, selection, OEM, production, inspection, testing, packaging, transportation, and pricing, we fully look at the entire process from the perspective of a wholesaler.

Do you accept product customization?

  1. Product customization is acceptable
  2. the purchase quantity required by product customization orders is higher than that of ordinary product wholesale. 
  3. Most of the time it may involve the issue of sample confirmation and sample cost.
  4. wholesale time period will be relatively longer than that of ordinary product wholesale.

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