Safety and Protection for a healthy life

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Use scenarios of safe disinfection products

From body temperature screening, disinfection sprayer disinfection, to ozone or UV Light space disinfection, a full range of safety protection equipment systems.Create more safe space for family and life.

safe office space

In order for people to work more easily, it is important to create a clean and tidy office environment.

Safe event space

Only food and the future cannot be disappointed, we are willing to make more efforts for a better tomorrow

Safe Home Space

Keep social distance, let us cherish the good time with our family more, and make life slower.Enjoy a rare time at home

Safety Product Catalog
Temperature Kiosks

Temperature Kiosks

Body Temperature Scanner with voice alarm display function.Suitable for indoor enclosed or semi-enclosed places

Super Monocular Live Body Recognition,Utilize the latest MxNet deep learning framework, support local processing of 20000 face database, ultra-high comprehensive recognition accuracy (>99.8%).Suitable for conventional face recognition and temperature detection scenarios

Super Binocular Live Body Recognition(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy),Millisecond (<50ms) response speed, support local processing of 60,000 face databases, ultra-high comprehensive recognition accuracy (>99.8%).Suitable for orderly public safety scenarios

In-depth information live body temperature detection(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy ).Suitable for public safety scenarios where people gather

Disinfectant Fogger

Disinfectant Fogger

Nano Disinfectant Sprayer, Handheld ULV Electric Spray Gun Fogger, Rechargeable Portable Mini Atomizer Disinfection Machine with Strong Light


Portable Disinfectant Fogger Machine, 5L/1.32GAL Electric ULV Fogger/Garden Sprayer/Atomizer, 110V Backpack Aerosol Sanitizer Fogger with US Plug and 5M Cord Adjustable Particle Size 10-150μm/Mm


20L Electric Ulv Fogger Sprayer Fogging Machine for Large Public Places Farming Office & Industrial Disinfection


The thermal foggers are mainly used in pest control and fumigation control of public places such as houses, restaurants, shops, warehouse, school communities, hospitals, etc. and is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases and vegetable greenhouses. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc. to eliminate epidemic prevention operations.

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

The mainstream commercial ozone generators have a variety of specifications and shapes to choose from. The control method can be countdown, remote control or touch microelectronic control. Ozone production per hour is 5g/h-40g/h optional.

best ozone generator for cars.Low-voltage DC12-24V car cigarette lighter power supply, 5g ozone production per hour, with 0-90min countdown, Low-voltage ozone generator for car small in size, professional smoke odor removal and deodorization.

Wall-mounted Ozone generator air Purifier 

Stainless steel material, double 17251 powerful fans, faster diffusion, suitable for large-scale industrial food workshops and farms.Two cooling modes, air cooling and water cooling, can be selected.


UV Sterilizer

 It adopts deep arc touch, horizontal downward power-off protection measures, 306mm germicidal rod design, 3CM uniform wave 5-6 times to complete the disinfection,Portable UV sterilizer

it is equipped with an ultra-powerful 254 nm UV-C quartz generating tube, which can ensure a 360° thorough sterilization and cleaning of large rooms.

Small size, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere. Universal USB port charging design, convenient and practical. Can be used at home or during travel.

UV-C LED lamp (270nm-280nm UVC light wave) can effectively eliminate 95% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of closed space objects, a reliable and effective solution for preventing and purifying local space disinfection.