Safety and Protection for a healthy life

Create more safe space for family and life

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Safe office space

safe office space

In order for people to work more easily, it is important to create a clean and tidy office environment.

Safe event space

Only food and the future cannot be disappointed, we are willing to make more efforts for a better tomorrow

Safe home space

Safe Home Space

Keep social distance, let us cherish the good time with our family more, and make life slower.Enjoy a rare time at home

Features & Benefits
Wrist temperature screening kiosk with face recognition function

Temperature Screening Kiosk With Face Recognition Function

Super Monocular Live Body Recognition,Utilize the latest MxNet deep learning framework, Suitable for conventional face recognition and temperature detection scenarios

Binocular HD Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Koisks

Super Binocular Live Body Recognition(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy)´╝îMillisecond response speed, support local processing of 60,000 face databases.

Portable space ozone generator

Portable Ozone Generator for

In-depth information live body temperature detection(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy ).Suitable for public safety scenarios where people gather

Body Temperature Scanner

Mini Body Temperature Scanner

ozone generator for car

Ozone Generator for Car

Industrial Disinfectant Fogger