9 tips for buy Handheld Nano Disinfectant Sprayer

Here are the most professional guidelines for purchasing Handheld electric disinfection sprayer provided by top product developers. The evolution process and precautions of small disinfection sprayers,The same applies to the wholesaler of electric disinfection sprayers. You may see many of them for the first time. Version last updated on: 27 December 2020


The Disinfectant Sprayer we are talking about here refers to Disinfectant Mist Gun,Handheld Rechargeable Nano Atomizer Electric Sprayer ,Also called wireless disinfection spray Fogger with blue indicator light, suitable for home, office, restaurant, hotel, school.

The source of Handheld electric disinfection sprayer. Its predecessor is a large power sprayer (with its own engine) and an essential oil sprayer (with heating part) . Therefore, After the mini disinfection sprayer is changed, there are at least two issues that need to be paid attention to. The first is about the drive motor, and the second is that you cannot use viscous liquids (because it does not have a heating function).I will explain in detail below:

Before buy Nano Handheld electronic disinfection sprayer, several questions need to be considered?

  1. How to solve the power and pressure problems of the sprayer, the higher the degree of atomization, the larger the spray coverage area and the more uniform.The moisture problem after spraying is also caused by insufficient power.
  2. How to solve the problem of clogged disinfection sprayer?  Many machines are equivalent to scrapping the product function once they are rebuilt.
  3. How to solve the problem of standby time of electric sprayers? A product with a long charging time and a short use time is not a good product.
  4. How to solve the problem of sprayer water leakage? Water leaks everywhere during use, making people irritable.
  5. How to solve the problem that the sprayer accidentally encounters water and the motherboard circuit is short-circuited and the machine is damaged? Accidents are always inevitable
  6. How to solve the problem of replacing the damaged parts of the sprayer? There is still a difference between long-term use and disposable products.
  7. How to solve the problem of capacity expansion of disinfection sprayer. This problem actually has a lot to do with the specifications of the accessories.
  8. How to solve the problem of product appearance and functionality, so that product style becomes a fashion
  9. How to better solve the problem of transportation and usage of disinfection sprayer.

Do you think these problems do exist, and each of them is troublesome? We recommend you to find out the best handheld battery-powered disinfection fogger we provide.All confusion will be resolved

Disinfectant Fogger Machine is the main weapon for humans to fight viruses and bacteria from polluting the environment. From the environment of use and Disinfectant Fogger, Machine Product specifications can be divided into industrial Disinfectant Fogger Machine, commercial Disinfectant Fogger Machine, and household Disinfectant Fogger Machine. We provide this Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger Machine. It is mainly used for chlorine dioxide disinfection of homes and rooms.

We have analyzed almost all of Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger Machine on the market, and the common problems are mainly as follows:

  • The fogger is too bulky, not portable enough, and has a large storage area
  • The engine’s kinetic energy is insufficient, and the degree of atomization is not enough, resulting in a humid environment
  • Disinfectant Fogger will be blocked or leaking after a period of time
  • Disinfectant Fogger Machine is not waterproof at all, electrical appliances encountering water short-circuit problems,
  • Battery-powered Short standby time short continuous working hours, and insufficient power problems,
  • The inability to replace parts causes the Disinfectant Fogger machine to be scrapped once a problem occurs

Through continuous testing and improvement, we have solutions to common or possible problems at the beginning of product design, We recommend using our best disinfection fogger. Room cleaning, household disinfection, fogger for disinfecting has become an indispensable part of life.


This problem depends on the match between the motor and the volume. Of course, it mainly depends on the quality of the motor. Our Disinfectant Fogger Machine adopts a customized special power engine from the most professional motor supplier that can provide a powerful atomization effect.

Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger Machine
Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger Machine


Real cordless fogger,The 18650 battery can be replaced and the USB interface combination can be used. We can achieve battery life by replacing the battery or achieve continuous work through the direct connection of the power bank.


At present, the most common sprayer failure is that the nozzle is blocked by corrosion, because the disinfectant is corrosive, but for high-pressure spraying, a metal nozzle must be used, so it is difficult to avoid the nozzle being blocked by corrosion. , We have adopted a direct replacement nozzle program, we provide 4 different specifications of replaceable spray nozzles. Not only can solve the problem of clogging, but also greatly expand the field of use of disinfection sprayers.


The solution to the sprayer leakage problem mainly includes the following treatments, The position of the 18650 battery is treated with the same direction electrode, even if the battery is exposed to water, there will be no short circuit failure. The switch position adopts a fully waterproof switch. The control mainboard mainly uses three anti-paint paint to protect the mainboard from water.


First of all, our pipeline of Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger design uses as few conduits as possible to reduce the number of interfaces. In addition, we use a one-way filter at the port that must enter the water. This filter makes the water flow blocked outside the Disinfectant Fogger



we have optimized the overall product configuration. Generally speaking, we need to replace the accessories:

  1. Spray nozzles, we are equipped with 4 different spray nozzles.
  2. The reason why the 18650 battery is replaced by a replaceable 18650 battery is to better extend the customer’s life cycle. At present, the longest standby time of our spray model is 10 hours.
  3. To replace the spray can, the Coca-Cola spray bottle mouth we use can be replaced at any time.
  4. Compared with other types of products, our product has the least interface position, which effectively prevents the possibility of water leakage.

We are very confident about our Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger Machine. We believe that you will also like our product to create a safe space for your life and family.

  • High-Quality Design: Made of high-quality PA durable plastic, which is very convenient for a mobile operation that means you will never have to worry about carrying it with you.
  • Rechargeable/Replaceable Lithium Battery: 4000mAh lithium battery lithium battery-powered wireless nano electric gun. DF101 Keep working 8 hours.
  • The sprayer has a large spray range of about 5-7 feet 1.5 2 meters which means you can work efficiently and get projects done faster.
  • The design is exquisite, full of power, and easy to carry (can be equipped with a shoulder strap). The standby time is too long.

Our Battery Powered Disinfectant Fogger is currently divided into two types. One is the spray sanitizing fogger version model JSD-DF101. The main feature is long standby time and can work continuously for more than 10 hours. The other is the gasification handheld fogger version, the model is JSD-DF102, which has higher gasification energy efficiency and no water droplets.

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