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Jiushide Investment Technology CO., LTD

It is a comprehensive investment technology company integrating commercial production and sales. We have been deeply involved in the display and lighting industry in southern China for many years, and have a deep support system for LCD / LED display and LED commercial lighting.

With the outbreak and spread of CVID-19 in 2020, it is based on practical, professional, productive and protective product attributes. We expanded our department on safety products.

With the gradual control and improvement of this epidemic, attention to life itself will gradually be paid attention to by everyone. We will also try our best to make safe products. Constantly expand and develop, more updated and more practical electronic safety protection products.


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Curated Products
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Safety Protection

Healthy life is the beginning of everything

We are involved in the field of security products

  • Temperature verification
  • Cleaning care
  • Sports protection
  • Child protection
  • Kitchen protection
  • Food Safety
  • Traffic safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Office safety