Temperature Kiosk With Facial Recognition

Temperature verification kiosk uses advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan, measure and check and reading body temperature, combined with intuitive face recognition technology software, can quickly and automatically verify and Screen display potential security threats.

temperature kiosk

High-end Temperature  verification kiosk measurement, using professional infrared module and face recognition algorithm, has the advantages of strong face recognition performance, fast recognition speed, long-distance, high-temperature measurement accuracy, non-contact, support for mask recognition, etc.

Our Temperature check kiosk  truly achieve efficient and fully automatic non-inductive recognition, sign-in or passage, and can be widely used in office, community, school, factory, subway, exhibition, and other related scenarios.

The Temperature Kiosk is mainly composed of four parts: face recognition, body temperature measurement (scanning, recognition, reading, verification), voice broadcast, and device terminal management.The following is the purchase guide of temperature monitoring kiosk

Temperature verification Kiosk​

Our temperature verification kiosk is capable of rapid infrared temperature verification. Non-contact, high sensitivity, support shielding mode, visitor mode and forced mask mode for easy data storage and collection. Detect and remind people with high temperature entering public places to help prevent the spread of the virus. Temperature Verification Kiosk with Facial Recognition Can be connected to doors and gates to form a complete internal and external attendance visitor system.

8 "HD display

8-inch high-definition IPS LCD screen, resolution 800 * 1280; Amlogic S905d3 quad-core, EMMC 8G storage, Wifi & 2.5w speakers

Fast response and high accuracy

Recognition result<300 ms;Using infrared and LED light bar double fill light, automatic white balance, living body accuracy rate> 98.3%.

Multi-language forced mask

Based on Android system support language (default Chinese and English), Voice orders customized for bulk.

facial recognition kiosk

Infrared recognition temperature measurement

Infrared 1080p F2.4 aperture camera, focusing distance 50-150cm, support 1: 1 and 1: N face recognition

Rich expansion interface

Support interface: DC 12V power supply, Wiegand input and output, relay expansion, RS485, USB (OTB), RJ45.

Stand-alone & network Storage

Face recognition attendance system supports stand-alone (USB system batch import and export) and network cloud system control

About Temperature kiosk

The function of scanning, measuring and checking body temperature

Usually in public places, we use a Manual temperature scanner to verify the body temperature of visitors, However, because the covid-19 virus is very contagious, In this case, a secondary virus transmission will occur during manual scanning.

Temperature Verification Kisok With Extension

Fully automated and Non-contact, just standing in front of Body Temperature kiosk for a few seconds, you can verify that the body temperature becomes more urgent.

  • Living body recognition algorithm & industrial binocular AI face recognition technology
  • Non-contact temperature measurement safer
  • Infrared & LED double fill light technology, work around the clock.Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Verbal warning/success message plus LED traffffic light system
  • Optional facial recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals and store regular readings
  • Support intelligent voice broadcast and high temperature voice warning function
  • Support stand-alone and network control, easy to read and collect temperature verification information
  • Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access

Temperature Verification Kiosk With Facial Recognition

According to the different product use environment and installation method, our body temperature verification kisok is divided into desktop models, wall-mounted models, standard floor models, inclined floor models and children’s styles. Of course, you can also purchase extensions separately according to your needs.

Facial recognition

  • Support simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple people
  • Face database supports 50,000
  • Support forced mask mode
  • Support 1: N face recognition
  • Support 1: 1 face comparison
  • Support identification distance configuration, the best distance is 0.5m
  • Support UI interface configuration
  • Support remote device upgrade
  • Support interface includes equipment management, personnel / photo management, record query, etc.
  • Support public cloud deployment, privatization deployment, LAN use, independent use
facial recognition kiosk

Wall Mount Temperature Checking Kiosk

Body Temperature Kiosk with facial recognition

The face recognition temperature and temperature measuring machine adopts binocular wide dynamic camera, focusing distance 50-150cm, infrared and LED light strip double fill light, forming automatic white balance. The body temperature is scanned, measured and verified by deep AI technology.

About body temperature measurement

  • Infrared human body temperature detection
  • The best temperature measurement distance 0.5m
  • Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ 0.2 ℃
  • Body temperature measurement range: 10 ℃ -42 ℃
  • Recognition rate> 80%
  • Living test accuracy rate> 98.3%
  • Notice of normal temperature release 
  • Support body temperature over temperature alarm
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Desktop Body Temperature Checking Kiosk

Body temperature measurement classification

According to the different product use environment and installation method, our body temperature verification kisok is divided into desktop models, wall-mounted models, standard floor models, inclined floor models and children’s styles. Of course, you can also purchase extensions separately according to your needs.

Human body temperature scanning solution.Widely used in public place. In airports stations. hospitals, hotels, school. Fast Delivery. Easy Installation. Service Support Online.


Standard floor temperature kiosk


Children’s body temperature kiosk

Body temperature check kiosk

Beveled body temperature kiosk

Face Recognition Temperature Kiosks Working Mode

We know that the working mechanism of facial recognition temperature kiosk is mainly composed of five links: scanning, recognition, verification, display, reading and voice broadcast. Next, we introduce the setting work steps for temperature verification device.

Mode 1: Infrared temperature measurement + face recognition permission verification

Enter personnel information in the background —> (Access Control Point) body temperature detection—> Face Recognition to Verify Identity —> Judgment of Access Control Authority

Face recognition and authentication identity failure can still measure temperature,
But without access control authority;
The background records the data of personnel corresponding to temperature measurement and access control.

This mode is suitable for fixed personnel entering and exiting factories, schools, office buildings, residential areas and other scenarios, and meets the requirements of internal personnel face recognition for entry ban and body temperature detection.

Mode 2: Fast infrared temperature measurement mode

No need to enter personnel information in the background, power can be used to detect infrared temperature of any personnel, without any access permission

This mode is suitable for public places such as shopping malls, subways, train stations, scenic spots and other non-fixed personnel who do not need access control.

Mode 3: Mask reminder mode

In mode one and two, click on the “mask detection attribute” in the background, you can realize the voice reminder for the person without the mask, without affecting the temperature measurement and face recognition.

This mode is for occasions where it is mandatory to wear a mask. No need to cooperate with standing still, 300ms fast temperature measurement,
Achieve no sensing temperature. In the dark
Can still achieve fast temperature measurement and face recognition punch card

Temperature Scanner Kiosk

Stand-alone user manual

Network Terminal User Manual

Network Server User Manual

Body temperature verification kiosk System Management

Step1:Raw Data Entry​​ collection

We will provide templates to import enough information for 50000 people manually or in batches via USB interface​

Setp2:Check Mode Setting​​

We will provide templates to import enough information for 50000 people manually or in batches via USB interface​

Setp3:Data Management​

The record of punching can be recorded and saved, and it can be transferred to other same equipment in batches.​

Setp4:Exclude blacklist settings

When a blacklisted person is detected, the device issues a voice prompt: No access! Do not enter!

How to batch import the personnel information data of Body temperature verification kiosk System?

Completion Instructions:
1-“” Name “” “” Work Number “” “” “Permission” “column is required,” “Password” “column is optional
2- Name and work number should not exceed 20 characters
3- Password does not exceed 10 characters
4- The work number is limited to letters and numbers, and the password is limited to Arabic numbers
5- Please fill in Arabic numerals for user rights 0 for ordinary users 1 for administrator users 2 for blacklist users
6- Put the Excel file and all the face pictures in the same folder, compress the folder to the ZIP format and name it users
7- Please use the job number to name the face image; for example, “1001.jpg”
8-Incomplete information will not be imported; photos with a name that does not match the job number will be automatically ignored “

Temperature screening kiosk for many businesses, hospitals, grocery

long queue crowd body temperature

temperature verification kiosk working mode​
Temperature threshold

Verify the body temperature setting temperature threshold, when the test result temperature is higher than the threshold, it will alarm and reject

temperature verification kiosk Visiting customer​
Visiting customer

The visitor mode only measures and records the temperature of the test subject, but does not trigger the data collection of the attendance mode.

temperature verification kiosk Masks mode​
Forced mask

On special occasions, the temperature verification system mandates wearing masks to prevent danger. Otherwise, remind and refuse

Face recognition gate with temperature verification
Third-party Extension

Body temperature verification kiosk, usually expanded with gates and doors, as a security protection for schools, offices and theaters

Frequently Asked Questions

No, face recognition kisok with temperature verification is not a medical device. His basic functions belong to the electronic products of attendance or indoor access control series. No need to enter FDA or NISOH and other medical institutions for review.

First of all, facial recognition temperature kiosk itself is an authentication device based on Android system with face recognition function. It has a complete attendance and access control system. In addition, he increased body temperature and temperature recognition through his own binocular dynamic infrared recognition system. Can better achieve scanning, identification, recording, reminding and data storage management functions.

Commonly used facial recognition temperature kiosk
Expansion is mainly carried out with the expansion of gates and doors to form the attendance and access control system for hotels, schools and offices

The temperature verification kiosk price is composed of two parts, the product host and the bracket, you can choose the appropriate bracket and control method according to the use scenario and the required number.The product warranty period is 1 year.

First, our temperature measurement algorithm is calculated independently using a dedicated NPU. Our main frequency can reach 1.9G hz, CUP is the calculation speed is higher than RK series products. At the same time, we have also avoided the defects of the RK series with large heat generation, better improved the service life of the product, and reduced the failure rate.

Because the current demand is relatively large, the product delivery time is generally 5-7 working days. Transportation We will transport by DHL, UPS or other international express delivery. It is expected to be received within 7-15 working days.

Product specific parameters and instructions, please click this link to view

If you are interested in our products and want to know about temperature check kiosk, you can contact us directly via info@safetyproductsppe.com

If you are interested in temperature verification kiosk, you need to know more about the temperature scanner kiosk price and how to use our temperature screening kiosk product. Please feel free to contact us.