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Temperature screening kiosk, The automatic temperature screening kiosk is the most efficient auxiliary equipment for non-contact body temperature Check.also known as (temperature kiosk, body temperature scanner, temperature checker, automated temperature screening, temperature verification kiosk). From a technical point of view, it is mainly through high-definition infrared detection to body temperature.

Temperature Kiosks

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According to the different use environment and data acquisition requirements, our temperature verification kiosk can be divided into the following types:

  • Body Temperature Scanner
  • Temperature kiosk with face recognition function
  • Temperature kiosk with infrared imaging function

More content below is about the principle and instructions of Temperature screening kiosk

Body Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Scanner with voice alarm display function.Suitable for indoor enclosed or semi-enclosed places

Key Features

  • Express temperature measurement by raising your hand
  • Easy to move and install
  • Large digital display with voice broadcast function
Wrist temperature screening kiosk with face recognition function

Temperature Screening Kiosk with Face Recognition Function

Super Monocular Live Body Recognition,Utilize the latest MxNet deep learning framework, support local processing of 20000 face database, ultra-high comprehensive recognition accuracy (>99.8%).Suitable for conventional face recognition and temperature detection scenarios

Key Features

  • High-performance Huawei HiSilicon AI chip
  • Super monocular live body recognition algorithm to eliminate photos
  • Multi-mode integration of human body + ID card + ID card, temperature detection, to meet diverse application scenarios

Binocular HD Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Koisks

Super Binocular Live Body Recognition(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy),Millisecond (<50ms) response speed, support local processing of 60,000 face databases, ultra-high comprehensive recognition accuracy (>99.8%).Suitable for orderly public safety scenarios

Key Features

  • High-performance Huawei HiSilicon AI chip, 1000G CNN intelligent processing engine
  • 7-inch HD LCD display, ultra-low power consumption fanless design
  • Smart screen sleep function, extend the service life by 5 times
  • Using high-performance Sensor, super intelligent wide dynamic, fearless glare, backlight and dark environment, solve various complex light scene

Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Detection System

In-depth information live body temperature detection(RGB monocular biopsy + near infrared biopsy ).Suitable for public safety scenarios where people gather

Key Features

  • No need to deploy network configuration equipment, just install it and use it. Can meet the needs of convenient entrance and exit in various scenarios
  • Automatic identification and temperature measurement of persons appearing in the area, automatic alarms when persons with fever are found, and record storage
  • Large visualized screen, clear display of information such as facial features, body temperature, whether to wear a mask, etc.

Temperature screening kiosk

The core source of the temperature measuring pavilion is the temperature measuring module. We have added some new functions for different usage scenarios.Therefore, to choose a suitable Temperature screening kiosk, you need to understand the following important knowledge

More About Temperature Kiosks

Working Principle

The relationship between temperature measurement and face recognition and infrared imaging.

The principle of infrared temperature measurement is based on the fact that objects above absolute zero radiate infrared energy. There is energy and wavelength, and energy can be captured. Then the energy and the corresponding temperature can be calculated through specific photoelectric conversion devices High and low values.

For temperature measurement, the sensor generally adopts thermopile technology or resistance micro-radiation technology. What we are talking about here (Body Temperature Scanner, Temperature Screening Kiosk With Face Recognition Function,Binocular HD Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Koisks) The product uses a thermopile technology detector. The other Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Detection System uses an uncooled focal plane detector based on the principle of resistance micrometer radiation.

The common sensors of thermopile technology are single point and array, and the size of the temperature measurement area is different.For single-point temperature measurement, the surface temperature is directly obtained, but for array temperature measurement, the highest set of temperatures is used as the final value.For thermopile detectors, uncooled focal plane detectors have wider detection pixels,

In summary, from the perspective of temperature measurement, Body Temperature Scanner and other pavilions with extended functions are the same in terms of working principle, but the temperature detectors used and the working methods are different.All temperature detection is based on the body surface temperature value of the human body and converted into human body temperature.

Measurement Calibration

About the correction of temperature measurement kiosks

From the above description, we have basically understood the working principle of body temperature measurement and the difference between various devices. So how to correct the temperature measurement effect and the accuracy of the result?

First of all, the temperature measurement kiosks we sell are strictly calibrated before leaving the factory. Regarding the correction of infrared temperature measurement results, a device called “black body” is involved.

Black body is an idealized object that can absorb all external electromagnetic radiation without any reflection or transmission. In other words, the absorption coefficient of a black body for electromagnetic waves of any wavelength is 1, and the transmission coefficient is 0. Physicists use this as a standard object for thermal radiation research. It can completely absorb all external electromagnetic radiation without any reflection or transmission. This kind of object is an absolute black body, or black body for short. Use this as a standard object for thermal radiation research.

Secondly, because the black body is a professional calibration tool, not all temperature measurement terminals will be equipped (the black body is an optional accessory of the Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Detection System). In order to achieve the measurement results as accurately as possible, we recommend that you try indoors In case of using temperature measuring equipment.

For occasions where the temperature changes are relatively large or the temperature measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to purchase a black body separately for temperature correction.If it is not used with blackbody, manual temperature calibration compensation is required. Recalibration is required when the temperature changes.

Equipment Expansion

The management of the temperature measurement system is mainly divided into two types: local offline management and online network management.According to the gap of equipment, the common functions are: multi-person temperature measurement, non-sensing temperature, face tracking, fever sound and light warning, convenient installation, traffic record, pedestrian flow statistics,ect

Using embedded Linux system, equipment operation is more stable, data is more secure; Provide flexible and rich software interface, open source code, assist users to quickly build and deliver applications; Person + certificate + card multi-mode integration, temperature detection, meet the diversity Application scenarios; Rich value-added services (custom UI, voice intercom, device encryption binding, etc.) to facilitate users to realize product differentiation; Support Onvif protocol, GB28181 standard.

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