UV Light Sterilizer

UV light sterilizer, portable UV light sterilizer.everything you want to know about UV light sterilizer. Directly Buy from UV light sterilizer Manufacturer.Thank you for your visit, maybe when you open this page, you will have many questions about, such as:

  • How does UV light sterilization work?
  • How long does it take to sterilize with UV light?
  • What is the air sterilization ultraviolet filter system?
  • does UV light sterilize or disinfect?
  • What is UV light sterilizer lamp?

This is a comprehensive article that allows you to learn more about germicidal uv light and helps you choose the best germicidal uv light among all popular types currently on the market. About UVC-LED Germicidal Lamp, mercury germicidal lamp, etc.

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1.Classification of UV Light

6.Where can I use handheld LED germicidal lamp

2.UV Light Sterilize working principle

7.How to  Choose LED Germicidal Lamp

3.Precautions for using UV Lamp

8.LED Germicidal Lamps Price

4.Types of germicidal UV Light Sterilize

9.FAQ About UV light 

5.How to use LED germicidal lamp

Germicidal UV Light Sterilize

UV light sterilizer is usually used to disinfect local environment and objects. Scientists have proved that ultraviolet light can effectively kill CVOID-19 virus. Today, germicidal uv light is an environmental disinfection tool and also a healthier tool, so it has received extensive attention. Gericidal uv light is indeed an important transition to normal life.

In order to help you effectively find the suitable germicidal uv light at a reasonable price, we interpret germicidal uv light products based on 9 modules: ultraviolet sterilization principle, safety, professionalism, design and cost composition. These parts include uv light sanitizer

In each section, we list the differences from different types of germicidal uv light. If you want to know more about these popular and cost-effective germicidal uv light, please read on!

uv germicidal lamp suppliers

Classification of UV Light

We often say that UV light is actually a collective name for UVA, UVB, and UVC light waves. Because of the different advertising waves, the occasions used are also different.And this article is mainly for UVC Light with sterilization function:

  • UVA(Longwavelength): The UVA wavelength is 320-400nm. It has durable penetrating power, UVA even can penetrate glass or dep 9 feet of water.UVA exists anytime on sunny days. Over 95% of daily skin exposure is UVA.used for ore identification, stage decoration, money inspection UVA without germicidal efficiency.UVA can reach the dermis of the skin, destroy the elastic fiber and collagen fiber, and Tan the skin.
  • UVB(Medium-wavelength): The wavelength is275-320nm.It has a medium penetration effect.UV health lamp, plant growth lamp. UVB without germicidal efficiency.It can make the skin sunburn and redden in a short time (about 25 minutes for the average person).
  • UVC(short-wavelength): The wavelength is 200-275nm. The UVC also call as shortwave germicidal UV. It has the weakest penetrating power.UVC short wave ultraviolet has the weakest penetration ability, unable to penetrate most of the transparent glass and plastic. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer.

For UVC light with bactericidal effect, there are two main ways in the market at present: low-pressure mercury sterilization lamp and led UV sterilization lamp

Mercury  UV  Light sterilization lamp

The main sterilization products have a life of 8000 hours, the main wavelength of which is 253.7nm with high sterilization efficiency. The radiation efficiency takes single terminal 18W as an example, which is over 23%, and the power of which can be up to 30-40%. The power of the lamp can be from 1W to 300W, which can meet the needs of different use scenarios, and the light maintenance rate is high.

The sterilization lamp has high power and strong penetrating power, and it is very safe to use. It is suitable for hand space sterilization. When the mercury lamp is working, people have to leave. The basic sterilization time is about 30 minutes, such as the use of a hospital ward.

LED UV Light germicidal lamp

LED has a long life, low efficiency, about 3%, low power, mainly in milliwatt level; the current mainstream wavelength is 275nm. In general, led UVC has a bright future and is currently suitable for disinfection in smaller spaces.According to the current practical scenarios, it is mainly suitable for personal safety protection and UV light sterilization of individual users.

The sterilization lamp has low power, short sterilization distance, safe use, suitable for hand-held sterilization, as long as it is used according to requirements, there is no risk, safe use, 1-3CM close-range sterilization, the sterilization time is very short, basically sterilization can be completed in 5-30 seconds, Jusuo life is essential.

UV Light Sterilize working principle

After using UVC rays to irradiate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of organisms, causing DNA strand breaks and breaking of nucleic acids and proteins, causing bacteria death and regenerative cell death. It can achieve high-efficiency and broad-spectrum sterilization effect.

The optimal distance for direct ultraviolet irradiation is 1M. The maximum should not exceed 2M. So whether it is suitable for large-area disinfection or local sterilization, it is best not to exceed this distance to achieve the best results.

Precautions for using UV Lamp or UV Light Sterilize

Short-wave ultraviolet UVC has very weak penetration and cannot penetrate ordinary transparent glass, clothing, plastic, etc. Direct exposure to human eyes and bare skin can cause injury. Short-term exposure can burn the skin, and long-term high-intensity exposure can cause skin redness, inflammation, skin cancer.

Therefore, in the use process, try to avoid UV light directly irradiating the skin and eyes. For large-area environmental disinfection products, try to use protection measures such as automatic shutdown and remote control. For local disinfection products, similar to portable handheld devices, use measures with gravity protection.At the same time, it is best to wear a belt There are protective glasses.

Types of germicidal UV Lamp/UV Light Sterilize

Mercury germicidal UV Lamp​

Mercury germicidal UV Lamp​

uv germicidal lamp suppliers

UV Germicidal Lamp

Portable LED Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp

Portable uv germicidal lamp 

How to use LED Germicidal Lamp/UV Light Sterilize

Each sterilization lamp is used differently. Below we take our current Handheld LED Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp as an example to briefly introduce the method of use.

  1.  Wear UV protective glasses
  2. Press and hold the switch for more than 3 seconds to turn on the UV lamp. Our UV lamp has dual horizontal protection measures. When the light is flipped horizontally (the light will turn off automatically when it is upward), when the lamp is used vertically, the lamp faces When it is on, it will automatically shut down.
  3. Close to the items that need to be disinfected. Generally speaking, it only takes about 10 seconds to kill 99.99% of the virus.
  4.  After the disinfection time, the UV sterilization lamp needs to be turned off in time. Press and hold the key for 1s to completely turn off. Of course, our UV sterilization lamp also has an automatic shutdown function. , He will automatically shut down within 15 minutes to prevent forgetting to shut down.

Where can I use handheld LED UVC germicidal lamp

the UV germicidal lamp emits UVC shortwave ultraviolet light. Shortwave UV is widely used in home life, safety protection, hospitals, air conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, water dispensers, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy products factories, sterilization in areas such as wineries, beverage factories, bakeries, and cold rooms.

What is the difference between the effective distance and safety distance of LED germicidal lamps?

Usually UVC lamp beads are available in 4 specifications: 2W, IW, 0.5W, and 0.2W.
Basically 2W and 1W are used for cabinet germicidal lamps and car germicidal lamps, 0.5W and 0.2W are used for handheld germicidal lamps.
The effective sterilization distance of 2W is about 1 meter, 1W is about 0.5 meters, 0.5W is about 0.3 meters, and 0.2W is about 02 meters, but the distance that can basically be quickly sterilized is within 5cm, if it exceeds 5cm, the sterilization strength and effect will be The rapid decrease, the injury will quickly decrease.

How to choose a great UVC LED germicidal lamp/ UV Light Sterilize

This is a professional question, but also the most important one.

  • First, you must know how many real UVC-LED beads the product you purchase have, confirming that if it has some fake led beads. UVA, UVB, and UVC are all called ultraviolet rays, but only UVC LED beads wavelength among 200-280nm are valid for germicidal purposes.
  • Secondly, an excellent germicidal lamp shall be with safety design and accessories, such as turn on with long press, child lock-out feature, safe gravity sensor, or anti-UVgoggles.Otherwise, it could be dangerous in use.
  • Besides, the irradiation surface should be wise enough about 15-20cm for germicidal in a large area spending less time and easy to carry.
    1. It’s non-conforming if the number of UVClamp beads is not enough, and the sterilization effect is not guaranteed.
    2. It’s non-conforming if without safe design or configuration and unsafe to use.
    3. If the UVC LED portable germicidal lamp with the small radiation surface is only suitable for germicidal to small objects, such as keys or lipsticks, large items such as clothes, pillows, or washbasins will take a long time. We recommended purchasing a portable UVCLED germicidal lamp with an Irradiation surface of is 15CM-20CM.

LED UV Germicidal Lamp Price

For example, like our product UVC germicidal lamp.
1. The cost of UVC LED lamp beads is high, usually neced7-9 RMB for small brands in China(unknown brand quality and can’t sure about safety, so it’s not recommended)10-15 RMB for well-known brands. Our portable germicidal lamps have 8 UVC LED lamp beads: the cost of the lamp bead reaches 60-80RMB(the price is also different according to the single or dual-wavelength). We should know that UVA lamp beads iust2.5 RMB and conventional lamp beads without any function only 0.02-0.04RMB. The gap in price and quality is extremely huge
2. Safe design or configuration, like long-reopen, safety gravity sensing, and anti-UVgoggles.
3. To meet the requirement of saving time, we configured fast charging function
4. To beautiful and protect the lamp beads, we customize the luminous surface.
5. To carry while protecting the lamp beads from being damaged during carrying, we equipped with a fannel bag
6. Packaging needs to be rationally designed, which is bigger in volume and cost much than normal products.
7. Our product is designed with a metal lamp tube, and baking finished, show value and durable.
Some businessman for profit just uses UVA or UVC. Or the number of led lamp beads is not enough; no safety design; no fast charging function; no goggles; no carrying bag; cheap plastic shell. It’s a low cost, poor value and product function can’t sure are valid.

So, UV Germicidal Lamp Price mainly depends on the cost of UVC lamp beads and the cost of more safety protection measures accessories.

FAQ About UV Light Sterilize

1. The number of UVC lamp beads enough
2. The brand of UVC chip and lamp bead should be reliable.
3.The design of the safety(like gravity sensing design. Child lock,long-press to opening)
4. The area of the Irradiation surface should reasonable
5. The package should come with goggles
6.The necessary certification in your country
7. Packaging should contain carry bag
8. The whole package should be perfect after shipping.

Experiments show that high temperature, alcohol, and ultraviolet light can sterilize N95. The sterilization ability of ultraviolet light to N95 remains above 95%. When materials are scarce, you can use ultraviolet hand-held sterilization lamp to sterilize N95 mask, and then use it repeatedly.

Short time for germicidal just dozens of seconds. So, that it won’t affect leather or color.

1.Report from Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology
2. SGS microbiological test report
3.CE certification
4. FCC certification

The portable germicidal lamp won’t harmful to pregnant women. It’s similar to sunshine.

Single-band UVC is packaged by pure UVC chips, which has the best killing effect, but belongs to invisible light. Dual-band UVC is a package of UVC chip and UVA chip together, the sterilization effect is slightly weakened than that of single-band, but consumers can see visible light and the sterilization experience is better.

If you are interested in our UV Germicidal Lamp/UV Light Sterilizer, to get more information about our UV Germicidal Lamp price, you can contact me directly.