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The UV sterilizer we often say mainly refers to UVC light sterilization(Wavelength 100nm~280nm, short wave). At present, there are mainly two forms of UV mercury lamp (254nm and 185nm mainly UV)and UV LED(280nm-200nm). Because of different product characteristics, they are also suitable for different disinfection environments.

UV sterilizer for healthy life
uv sterilizer

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The principle of ultraviolet sterilizer is to use short wavelength (200nm-280nm) ultraviolet rays to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in microbial cells, thereby causing the death of growing cells and/or the death of regenerative cells to achieve sterilization .

At present, the main types of ultraviolet sterilizers are low-pressure mercury lamps and UVC LED sterilization.The following information is the relevant products and introductions we provide about UV sterilizer.

Handheld U.V Sterilizer

Handheld U.V Sterilizer

Portable UV sterilizer  (UV sanitizer and wireless),275 nm portable UV sterilizer, It adopts deep arc touch, horizontal downward power-off protection measures, 306mm germicidal rod design, 3CM uniform wave 5-6 times to complete the disinfection,

Key Features

  • Home use
  • Business travel
  • Towel bath towel
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Refrigerator cabinet
  • Keyboard and mouse
uv germicidal lamp for Space

UV germicidal lamp for Space

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is one of our most powerful and lightest portable designs.

It is an ideal choice for cleaning and disinfecting any room in a home or business that requires safety and peace of mind. Standing at a height of 19 inches, it is equipped with an ultra-powerful 254 nm UV-C quartz generating tube, which can ensure a 360° thorough sterilization and cleaning of large rooms.

UVC LED disinfection bag

uv sterilizer cabinet

USB rechargeable LED ultraviolet disinfection bag(UV sterilizer box), fully enclosed structure, UV sterilizer box will not leak ultraviolet rays. Small size, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere. Universal USB port charging design, convenient and practical. Can be used at home or during travel.


Suitable for sterilization of personal items such as keys, mobile phones, glasses, toys, underwear, stuffed animals, dolls, earphones, watches, feeding bottles, makeup tools and so on.

275nm UVC LED Strip Light

UVC LED Strip Light(uv-c sterilizer)

The high-efficiency UV-C LED strip can be cut every 3 LEDs and can be powered by a 12V DC power supply.

UV-C LED lamp (270nm-280nm UVC light wave) can effectively eliminate 95% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of closed space objects, a reliable and effective solution for preventing and purifying local space disinfection.


  • disinfect the hotel room
  • bathroom when you travel
  • DIY personalized sterilizer

UV Sterilizer Q&A

ultraviolet radiation  (UVC  Shortwave light)can also affect the activity of many enzymes in bacteria and viruses, change the structure and function of protein molecules, and affect the metabolism and synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. It can also reduce the toxicity or even the death of bacteria or viruses.

At the same time, we must note that UV is harmful to the human body. Therefore, according to the characteristics and characteristics of ultraviolet light, we produce a UV sterilizer that can effectively kill viruses and protect us from harm.

According to the recommendations of the relevant literature and the “Disinfection Technical Specification”, the UV lamp power of 1.5W/m³ is allocated when disinfecting the indoor space. For example, the living room should be equipped with an area (15 ㎡) × room height (3m) × 1.5W=67.5W UV lamp; the bathroom should be equipped with an area (4.5 ㎡) × room height (2.5m) × 1.5W=17W UV lamp

Generally, ultraviolet light can achieve the sterilization effect within 1-2 seconds.

Ultraviolet lamps are used for indoor air and disinfection of surfaces, water and other liquids.

The distance bai from the UV germicidal lamp to the roof should not be greater than 1.5m, the distance from the ground should not be greater than 2.5m, and the distance from the object to be disinfected is about 1m. The effective area of ​​disinfection is 1.5-2m around the UV lamp for 30 minutes or longer.

The total time of each UV germicidal lamp led tube is 1000 hours. If it exceeds 1000 hours, it should be replaced immediately. Newly dismantled and replaced shall be marked with the dismantling and replacement time, and accumulate the use time again. During the whole process, the surface of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp should be cleaned. Generally, try it with an alcohol cotton ball every half a month. If you find that the surface of the led lamp is dusty or oily, you should try it anytime and anywhere.

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More About uv sterilizer

what is a uv sterilization?

From the beginning, let’s first understand what ultraviolet light is and how it sterilizes.

Ultraviolet rays are light with a wavelength of 100 to 400 nm (nanometers), which is invisible to the human eye. It can be divided into the following three types, among which, the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration ability.

UVA (wavelength 320~400nm, long wave) has strong penetrating power and can penetrate glass. More than 95% of the ultraviolet light that the skin is exposed to is UVA. After a long time, it can easily cause the skin to relax, wrinkle, and the appearance of capillaries. At the same time, it can activate tyrosinase, leading to the deposition of melanin and the formation of new melanin. The skin becomes dark and lacks luster;

UVB (wavelength 280-320nm, medium wave), medium penetrating power, only less than 2% of it reaches the surface of the earth after being absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer, it will be particularly strong in summer and afternoon. Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause symptoms such as acute dermatitis (sunburn), and the skin will become red and painful;

UVC (wavelength 100 ~ 280nm, short wave), also known as short wave sterilization ultraviolet. It has the weakest penetrating ability and cannot penetrate most transparent glass and plastics. The short-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. UVC cannot be directly irradiated to the human body, otherwise it will burn the skin in a short time, and long-term or high-intensity irradiation will also cause skin cancer. Sterilization depends on it!

UVC is within the microbial absorption peak range and can kill viruses and bacteria by destroying the microbial DNA structure within 1s, while UVA and UVB are outside the microbial absorption peak range, and the sterilization speed is very slow and often takes several hours. In order to play a sterilization effect, the penetration ability of vacuum ultraviolet light is very weak and it is not used for sterilization.

Short-wave ultraviolet UVC can destroy the nucleic acid structure and function of cells or viruses. The purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acids absorb the strongest ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 260nm, and the ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 254nm are mainly absorbed by nucleoprotein. These absorbed ultraviolet quanta can destroy one or several chemical bonds in nucleic acid molecules, causing the decomposition or denaturation of nucleic acids or nucleoproteins, causing them to lose their normal functions and causing the death or mutation of bacteria and viruses.

Note: When using UVC for sterilization, people should leave the field and not be exposed to ultraviolet rays in this band, otherwise it will burn the skin and even cause skin cancer with high intensity, and direct vision will also cause damage to the eyes.

what does a uv sterilizer do?

Classification of UVC lamps

The main applications commonly used in the market are low-pressure mercury lamp light sources and deep ultraviolet LED light sources.

Low-pressure mercury lamp light source: After being energized, the mercury vapor in the lamp tube is punctured by the arc, which is excited to emit ultraviolet rays mainly at 254nm and 185nm. The excited mercury spectrum also includes part of the visible wavelengths of blue and violet light, so the human eye appears to emit blue-violet light. Generally, the tube of the germicidal lamp is made of quartz glass first, and the transmittance of 254nm ultraviolet rays is as high as 90% or more. In addition, if the amount of titanium (Ti) added in the quartz tube is properly controlled, the 185nm ultraviolet ray escape can be cut off and controlled, while the 254nm ultraviolet ray transmission is basically not affected. According to this feature, three types of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, such as low ozone (no ozone), ozone, and high ozone, can be made.

Therefore, when using an ozone-containing ultraviolet lamp to sterilize, people need to leave the venue and wait at least half an hour to one hour for the ozone reduction time before entering the venue.

Deep-ultraviolet LED light source: LED light with the emission center wavelength below 300nm. Different from the light-emitting principle of mercury lamps, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED uses light-emitting diodes as the light source, and a specific chip emits a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. Someone has tested the sterilization effect of a single LED ultraviolet lamp with a wavelength of 265±5nm and a single output radiant flux of 5mW. As shown in the figure below, we can see that the irradiation distance, irradiance intensity, and irradiation time will all affect the killing effect.

Effectiveness of UVC sterilization

Whether it is effective at a certain distance depends on whether the ultraviolet radiation intensity at that distance reaches this lethal dose. That means:

  1. If the defined sterilization rate standard is low and the required lethal dose is small, then the corresponding effective distance will be longer;
  2. If the lamp bead light power is high, the radiation intensity at the same distance is increased, and the equivalent effective radiation distance can be longer;
  3. Similarly, if the sterilization time is prolonged, the cumulative radiation dose will be higher, which can also kill bacteria and viruses farther away.
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